san francisco, JUNE 1ST 2024


san francisco

san francisco, 

san francisco, JUNE 

san francisco, JUNE 1ST 

san francisco, JUNE 1ST 2024

san francisco

Hold onto your seats, bay area!

The acclaimed Los Angeles based Indie Night Film Festival is hitting the road, and your city is the first destination on our journey.

Indie Night Film Festival is not your typical film fest —it's a weekly celebration of cinematic artistry, designed to elevate emerging talent while providing a platform for networking and collaboration. Founded by entrepreneur Dave Brown, Indie Night aims to bridge the gap within the filmmaking community by fostering connections between like-minded individuals from around the world.

The mission of Indie Night Bay Area is to elevate the craft of independent artists and creators by providing a venue to showcase their work, network, and exchange information with new and established creatives.

movies SCREENING AT INFF san francisco

Description: When a young man's patience has run out, a desire for more comes with a cost.

the curb

Director, Writer, Producer: Tony Vic G
Co-Director: Kristina Thomas

Description: Re-Entrification is a film that tells the story of residents that have been displaced from their homes due to the city's high cost of living. Tiny homes became a sanctuary where families can have the fundamental human right of a home. This film tells their story on how they made the decision to seek this type of support. Re-Entrification sheds light on the housing crisis in the Bay Area.

Re-Entrification: A Place We Call Home

Director: Fego Navarro 

Description: In collaboration with the San Francisco African American Historical and Cultural Society, Harlem of the West Then and Now chronicles the past and present of San Francisco natives who grew up in the city’s Fillmore District during the 1940s-1950s. The documentary short was filmed predominantly at Honey Arts Studio gallery show of Lewis Watts and Elizabeth Pepin’s archival collection of photographs from the era the film bridges then and now.

Harlem of the West

Director: Sophie Constantinou 

Description: FACES OF THE CITY is an anthology comprised of six standalone documentary short films focusing on social justice in San Francisco. Each film focuses on a different community program in the Bay Area, showcasing the unsung heroes that are making a difference as well as those whose lives have been changed. At Indie Night, we are excited to present our film centering on Booker T. Washington Community Center.

Faces of the City

Andrew Jameson
Narrator/Producer : 
Tisha Campbell
Producer: Dani Wright and THE TURNPIKE ALLIANCE 

OFFICIAL SELECTION, indie night film fest

Description: An insightful, dedicated therapist is determined to break the stigma of Black men seeking therapy, inspiring hope and confidence in the Black community.

Brighter Futures

Director, Writer, Producer:
Sidra Smith
Producer: Chris Sergi

Director: Jeff Arthur
Writer: Josh Egel 
Producer: Paris Warr

Description: “Unrest” is the story of Vince & Sydney - two young artists on divergent journeys in the entertainment industry. The film explores the dichotomy in the young couple’s perspectives and ideologies on their shared art form - acting. The film touches on themes such as the transient nature of fame, drug & alcohol addiction, social media’s place in pop culture, and young love.


Director: Matthew Crosby
Writers: Whitni Resides, Matthew Crosby, and Jack Esformes
Producers: Dave Brown, jordyn Rolling, Jack Esformes

is this an emergency?

Description: Dark and psychological thriller that delves into the complexities of human emotion, trauma, and the thin line between empathy and predation. It explores the unexpected ways in which lives can intertwine and the potential for redemption even in the darkest of souls.

Description: At Ella Hill Hutch Community Center in the Fillmore, magic is happening. Every afternoon this past school year, high school students in the Magic Zone program collaborated in painting murals that represent their community, cultivating a beautiful garden, learning how to cook nutritious meals and documenting community stories through still photography, video and graphic design. 

The Magic Project

Co-Directors and Producers:
Zoe Hertz and Sadiq Norris

Description: Overcome by abuse, a teenage black boy is forced to choose between pulling the trigger or not in an effort to protect himself. In turn, we are split between two realities of fate - the dream or a dream deferred.

shoe box

Director: D'Angelo "D'Lo" Louis
Producer: Jamari Perry and David Hunter Jr.

Calling all independent filmmakers and creators! Indie Night Film FestIVAL san francisco invites you to submit your films and showcase your talent on our platform.

Are you passionate about storytelling? Do you have a project that pushes the boundaries of creativity? We want to see it!

Submit your webisodes, short films, indie features, pilots, documentaries, or monologues for a chance to be featured at our event.

Our event will include attendees ranging from established actors, producers, and directors, offering you the opportunity to network and connect with industry professionals. Whether you're an established artist or an emerging talent, we welcome submissions from creators of all backgrounds.


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Submit Your Film

Join us at Indie Night Film FestIVAL (INFF) for a celebration of independent cinema!

Enjoy good food and drinks while exploring diverse narratives, documentaries, and short films from some of the most talented filmmakers in San Francisco and beyond. Connect with fellow film enthusiasts, network with industry professionals, and be inspired by the creativity on display.

Every ticket purchase supports independent filmmaking, empowering emerging talent. Don't miss out on this opportunity to be part of a vibrant community dedicated to the art of cinema. 

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Dave made his way to Hollywood after receiving a Bachelor of Arts from Morehouse College. He credits college friend Morris Chestnut with giving him his introduction to Hollywood. As an industry veteran, he leads with integrity.

Brown’s love for linking like minded individuals to each other led him to do something about the disconnect he witnessed within the creative community. He made it his goal to fill the void by developing a platform that serves as an incubator for emerging talent. Uniting them with heavyweight movers and shakers, Indie Night is an organic movement that continues to give gifted filmmakers a chance to shine, all while cultivating professional relationships.

Meet The Founder:

Meet Your Host:


Morris Chestnut, American actor and recent Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee, will serve as the host of Indie Night San Francisco. Best known for his roles in Boyz In The Hood (1991), The Best Man (1999), The Brothers (2001), The Perfect Holiday (2007), Think Like A Man (2012), and The Perfect Guy (2015), he recently headlined The Best Man Final Chapter (2022) and was nominated for a NAACP Image Award.

Chestnut, a close personal friend of Founder + CEO Dave Brown, is a huge supporter of the creative community and looks forward to being part of the growth of Indie Night as it branches out to the Southern regions.

DJ Q Nice

Indie Night DJ and co-host

Q Nice is a versatile artist from Cleveland, Ohio, based in Los Angeles, excelling in DJing, producing, acting, directing, voiceover artistry, and event hosting. As a music curator, he blends tracks across genres and eras, creating captivating soundscapes. His talent extends to acting and directing, with notable roles in voiceover work and as a host at the Indie Night Film Festival alongside Morris Chestnut.

special guests

Joslyn Rose Lyons

Award Winning Director, Writer, and Producer

Keith Robinson

Hollywood Actor, Director, Writer & Oscar Nominated Vocalist

Datari Turner

Film Television Producer & President of Foxxhole Productions

Sidra Smith

Producer, Director, and Entrepreneur 

The Location: 

1881 Post Street
San Francisco, CA, 94115

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The Reviews Are In!

“Love this festival. Everything is top notch. Theatre, format, and the guys that run it - Dave Brown, and Q. Excellent place to showcase your film!”

Steve Alper

"I've screened at Indie Night FF twice now. I feel welcomed and celebrated each time. The networking is great. Very organized and professional."

Diana Atai

"We had a very enjoyable experience working with this film festival. Great follow up and communication. We will be back to submit future projects definitely!"

Charles Andrews

“Thanks to the entire team at Indie Night Film Festival for a spectacular event. The venue was amazing and the quality of films was excellent.”

Brian Eric Johnson

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Submit Your Film

Submit Your Film

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